Allan Higgins Photography

About Me

Hi, I'm an enthusiastic amateur photographer with aspirations to improve my all-round skills and knowledge.

To that end, any feedback on my photos will be greatly appreciated.

Born in Glasgow, I joined the Royal Air Force in 1974 as a Gunner in the RAF Regiment where I went on to spend 38 years travelling and serving all over the world. During this time, I also got married and have 2 grown up children (a boy and girl). Photography played a big part throughout, albeit mainly taking the usual snapshots etc. I began to take a more serious interest over the last few years and whilst serving up in Morayshire, I joined the Moray Photographic Club where the frequent Club photographic competitions but particularly the Club Members provided the inspiration to keep taking photos.

Having left the RAF in 2012 I've had to concentrate on other things such as settling back down in Glasgow to civvy street, new job, new home etc. so my photographic exploits have been on the back burner for a while until now. Now, I look forward to getting out and about as much as I can and taking as many varied photos as I can.


Many thanks for looking at the site, hope you enjoy what you see.


Kind Regards,


Allan Higgins